The People’s Pledge

All of our candidates are taking the “People’s Pledge”:

“If elected, I will return POWER to the PEOPLE, by making Birmingham the first city in the world to implement LIQUID DEMOCRACY, where everyone is included and empowered to drive society FORWARD.”

Never heard of Liquid Democracy before? It’s really simple: you can choose to delegate your votes to a representative (just like Parliament works now!) or choose to vote on issues yourself, anytime! This way, you can vote on issues that you are passionate and knowledgable about, and delegate your remaining votes to people that you trust. We are driving for Liquid Democracy because it creates an explicit meritocracy, upgrades democracy for the digital 21st century, and holds our representatives accountable every day, instead of just during election season.

Here’s a video from Sunny Sangha, one of PPB’s co-founders, explaining the incredible potential behind Liquid Democracy at TEDxBrum in October 2017, kicking off the PPB movement:

Still not convinced? Here’s the founder of the Democracy Earth Foundation explaining his Non-Profit’s path towards building the structures that will enable Liquid Democracy in the future: