What is People Power Brum?

We are a growing community of active citizens in Birmingham, determined to reinvent democracy for the 21st century, and return power to the people.

We are supporting the everyday heroes of our city to stand for election as INDEPENDENT candidates in the Council elections taking place on Thursday 3rd May.

We want to stand ONE candidate for EVERY available seat, win a people’s majority on the Council, and then build a government, and a city, that truly works for all.

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The People’s Pledge

All of our candidates are taking the ‘People’s Pledge’:

“If elected, I will return POWER to the PEOPLE, by making Birmingham the first city in the world to implement LIQUID DEMOCRACY, where everyone is included and invited to help drive society FORWARD.”


Want to know more about liquid democracy? Watch these two videos:

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Join now!

We want to win a majority on the Council, and build a government that works for ALL.

Join the movement today!